Automotive Engineering
Machine Construction
New and Old Buildings
Aluminium Sections
Spring Shafts
Sheet Metal Forming

Additional processing

Special Designs

Perfection in metal!

We make a variety of products from aluminium, steel, and stainless steel sheets for
the construction sector, vehicle construction, and other industrial areas:

Roof edge and shutter covers
Support cladding, pedestal bases, and window sills (inside and outside)
Facade cladding
Storage boxes, wheel guards, and tool boxes for vehicles
Perforated and textured sheets as decorative design elements in furniture
   and interior fixtures

We are masters at all types of sheet metal processing, whether stamping, nibbling,
bevelling, laser cutting, welding, or finishing.

With the latest in modern machinery and qualified experts in our company
MKU Egon+ Sven Mischler GmbH,
you will receive perfection in sheet metal,
customised to your specifications.

Regardless of whether it's for production parts, small series production,
or individual parts - you can rely on our quality and flexibility.