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RIEKO roller doors - high quality, versatile, and sturdy  

Revolving and sliding doors are often impractical to use and cannot be installed
in tight spaces.

RIEKO roller doors require no space to open on the inside, outside, or to the side.
They simply move vertically to the top where they roll onto a shaft, requiring little space.
They can be operated manually or with an electric motor.

RIEKO roller doors are available in a variety of designs and colours. You can individually
configure a door for your passageway.

Our variety of sections will also fulfil your requirements. Depending on size and design,
a width of over 10 meters is possible.

A wide variety of finishes are available, such as:
Silver anodised (E6/EV1)
Colour anodised
Powder-coated with RAL or NCS colours

A wide spectrum of controllers, safety equipment, and other accessories
round out the RIEKO roller door designs.